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Previous Clients

has included employees from:


Max is a wellspring of insightful questions which help to challenge my thinking and approach to dealing with tough situations, both professionally and personally. This has been on full display over the past 6 months as I have been planning and executing on a number of deals to drive company growth. It has been one of the most challenging but rewarding periods in my career to date and having Max as a sounding board has been invaluable.

- Kevin D. | Principle - SE Ventures

I started working with Max as I was potentially deciding to take a leap from a full-time corporate role in the technology industry to pursuing my passions in the health & wellness space. Max provided me with a completely objective and unbiased perspective, helped me reframe my mindset to be less fearful and more positive, and allowed me to gain enough confidence to finally take the leap and feel good about the decision. Max has continued to be an ongoing resource, as he is empathetic/understanding, calm, easy to talk to, and most importantly, an active listener. If you are considering working with a coach, I cannot recommend Max enough and would be happy to chat with you about my experience.

- Meghan S. | Head of Partnerships - Tech Startup

I sought out professional coaching to address my fear of conflict and crippling imposter syndrome — qualities that I felt were limiting my ability to lead and operate effectively. Within one session, Max got to the crux of my issues and prescribed a number of well-researched and proven frameworks to help me overcome these challenges. Working with Max has been, by far, the best investment I’ve made in my career and I cannot recommend him enough!
- Sandy K. | Head of Business Operations - Tech Startup

I started working with Max after struggling through a job search for a few too many months and I wish I'd hired him sooner. One of my biggest struggles was my mindset and confidence. Max provided an objective perspective, helped me reset my thinking, and regain my confidence. He also consistently made himself available to review resume rewrites, cover letter iterations, and networking email scripts. He provides a calm and steady presence to bounce thoughts and ideas off of and is able to offer sound and unbiased perspectives. Exactly 2 months to the day of our first session, I received a job offer. I'm sure that my work with Max helped me to shift my thinking and land a job in such difficult economic times.  

- Cheryl R. | Customer Success / Merchant Specialist - Quadpay

Max has been an invaluable asset to me as I jumped back into a full-time role post-MBA program. Max helps me work through some of the thorniest issues in both my professional and personal life, and I have greatly benefited from his holding me accountable. Specifically, Max has helped me with goal-setting, time management, adjusting my mindset to be more proactive and less reactive, and navigating relationships in my new job. I was initially hesitant to work with a coach, but I am glad I finally took the leap--I am doubly glad to have done so with Max. He is empathetic, insightful, easy to talk to, and just all around excellent at what he does. If you are considering coaching, I cannot recommend Max enough.

- Jacob K. | Sr. Finance Director

Since hiring Max as a coach 15 months ago, I've continued to see growth on both the personal and professional front. Our businesses have continued to flourish through the implementation of new systems, which are often a topic of discussion in our sessions. On the personal side, I can always count on Max to lend his ear for as long as necessary and to offer much-needed perspective on the issue at hand.

- Ryan Goldfarb | CEO - Liberty Hudson

Max is a thoughtful and experienced leader who has helped me to challenge my approach to developing my business and to identify personal strengths and weaknesses which helped in building relationships.

- Peter Doherty | CEO & Partner - Red Skye Intelligence

One of Max's biggest assets is his ability to fully understand your professional landscape, key stakeholders, and where you may have an opportunity for growth. We worked together every week for nearly 4 months and in that time he was instrumental in helping me to turn a struggling professional situation as a Product Manager into a successful one. I never realized how much of a focus my strengths could play in my ability to succeed and Max helped me to identify those strengths and how to best optimize them. He'll challenge you, enable you to approach situations with an open mindset, and empower you as the coach that you want in your corner. AND for those reading, I was skeptical about using a coach too. He exceeded all expectations and more.

- Jeff H. | Product Manager / Owner - Apple

My sessions with Max are like being a part of a jazz show - silky smooth, comforting, and anxiety reducing. He has an infectious ability to connect with his client(s) and created the platform I needed to help solve some of my pressing management and leadership issues. Highly recommend!

- Brett | Software Development Manager (Dev Team)

Working with Max has helped me unlock potential and skills I never knew I had, in both my professional and personal lives. Whether you're tackling networking, time management, a sticky interpersonal situation, or navigating a new chapter in your life, Max offers tailored solutions and strategies to maximize each outcome. By getting to know you, your life, and your strengths, Max's weekly coaching sessions create week-over-week progress, always moving you closer to your goals and your best self."

- Lisette | Journalist/Reporter


Working with Max was one of the best decisions I made during a very difficult career transition. From our first call, I was able to be open with what my challenges were, and I felt he really got me. He was super transparent with his process to help me get to my goals as quickly and efficiently as possible - and I really appreciated this intention. What I think sets him apart is that he doesn't hand-hold, but instead uses an conscious framework that allowed me to see how my thought patterns were blocking me from overcoming the current challenge. During every breakdown, he was there to guide me back on my feet and did so in a way that armed me with the ability to do it when he's not there. Working with Max was not only a learning experience to get me to my next step, it was critical for my self growth. Highly recommend him as a coach!

- Maryam | Sr. Marketing Analyst


Max is an extraordinary coach who listens wonderfully and really invests himself into your future. The trip was supposed to focus on career, but he opened my mind to how I'd like to change the world and he gave me the courage to wanna try with a plan and a purpose.

- Temi | Senior Consultant - Management Consulting Firm


When life is pulling on your from all different directions - career, friends, family, personal goals - at the same time, it's nearly impossible to take the time to notice where you are and define where you want to be. Max enabled me to make space for myself to understand what I want from my future and the tangible steps to make that happen.

- Julia | Senior Consultant - Management Consulting Firm

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