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1 on 1 Coaching

Life is the hardest sport. Why not take it on with someone who can maximize your talent, ability, and happiness.


Personal Life and Performance 

Personal life and performance coaching centers around creating the right mindset so that you can be successful in any situation that you take on in life. When we master our mindset, lean into authenticity, and have an alignment of our values, our life performance and happiness will be in full gear.

If you're looking to optimize relationships, create alignment of values for all aspects of your life, improve happiness, mindfulness, and brain performance and live more authentically in your day to day, then this might be for you.


Career and Job Transtion

Are you trying to determine your personal brand and define your story? What about how you should approach navigating the job career transition process, especially during a pandemic? How about negotiating a salary that you deserve?


If you’re ready to take bold actions, get outside of your comfort zone, and employ effective networking strategies, then this type of coaching is for you.

Executive Coaching

Does that burnout feeling keep coming back? What about a lack of fulfillment in your job or your ability to take things to the next level? 


Executive coaching focuses on the alignment of values and authentically leading with those values in the workplace. 


It also centers around leadership development, productivity optimization, managing upward and through uncomfortably, and improving your emotional intelligence (EQ).

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